Pura Vida!

 Weston, Madeleine, Morgan, & Chelsey on the beach at Marino Ballena National Park

Weston, Madeleine, Morgan, & Chelsey on the beach at Marino Ballena National Park

Four of the eleven MilkCrate staff just returned from launching our most recent client who is also our first B Corp AND first international client: Bodhi Surf & Yoga in Costa Rica.


This was certainly a first for our team, and what a wonderful first it was! We spent four days in a tropical beach village surfing, yoga-ing, and most importantly, learning. This delicious business meeting was all about experiencing first-hand what our client’s guests experience when they come to this magical place. Our job was to immerse ourselves in this world and help the client invent engaging and valuable ways of designing their MilkCrate app experience.



Bodhi Surf & Yoga is committed to connecting individuals’ minds and bodies to the earth helping guests experience the “Pura Vida” way of life. Bodhi provides a vacation experience that is driven by the desire to make a positive change in the world. While they are there, guests gain a deeper understanding of surf and yoga lifestyles, mind-body-earth connection, and the small Costa Rican community that Bodhi is a part of.


With help from MilkCrate, Bodhi is engaging visitors in “before”, “during”, and “after” experiences; through Bodhi’s custom app, guests who are preparing for their trip are provided with informative videos and resources about their stay and are also encouraged to engage in environmentally-conscious actions, including purchasing any products needed for their trip from recommended B Corp companies.


This experiential vacation educates guests about the holistic benefits of yoga and surfing, how the activities connect to one another and to a more compassionate and sustainable world, and how they can play an active role in environmental sustainability while enjoying the serenity of Bahia Ballena, Costa Rica. The Bodhi Surf & Yoga app by MilkCrate will then provide visitors with an “after” experience, helping them take their knowledge and learnings back home with them and apply it to their daily lifestyles through engaging challenges related to what they learned and beyond.

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One of the wonderful quirks about this client is that they actually have only one request of their app users while they are at Bodhi: Turn off your phones!


The pie chart shows the result from a poll question in their app. According to the result, the majority of users think that the Bodhi app is quite useful.

The app is meant to be a tool for engaging before and after, but not during a guest’s stay - a unique use case in some ways, but the same underlying goal as all of our clients - they are driven to make the world a better place, and the only way you can really do that is by engaging and inspiring people to act. We are incredibly inspired by Bodhi’s approach to engagement and are thrilled to be a new part of it!


Check out some photos from our trip below!