Fortune 100 Corporation Uses MilkCrate to Gamify Sustainability

In the last year we have had the pleasure of serving one of the countries largest companies to engage their employees in sustainability, wellness and volunteering. To protect their privacy we have left their name and logo out of this case study. 


Pilot Location: Philadelphia, PA

Pilot Group: An age- and location-diverse group of Client X employees

Client Industry: Telecommunications / Mass Media

Use Case: Engaging employees in sustainability and tracking their impact

Client X's goals at the outset of the pilot were:

1) to launch a functioning app with sustainability content for Comcast employees;

2) to have at least 30% of invited employees use the app;

and 3) to create the foundation for tracking the carbon footprint of app users


MilkCrate delivered a sustainability app (left), as well as an administrative web interface (center). MilkCrate prepared an in-app carbon tracking system over the course of the pilot (right). The 30% usage goal was exceeded by 2.5x, with 70% of invited employees becoming app users, and 14% of employee app users becoming power users*. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.47.32 PM.png


Client X administrators and MilkCrate collaborated on content. MilkCrate staff spent 72 hours making content for the employee group. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-06 at 5.54.04 PM.png


The pilot group’s usage of the app can be linked to real-world impact, as shown below.* Impactful behavior was not restricted to the work week: the rate of users browsing the app’s business directory is higher on weekends, indicating that users within the pilot group used the MilkCrate app to plan their free time around impactful and sustainable activities. 

We just had a coworker today tell us that she started recycling because she’s now using this app.
— Bridget, Client X Admin
The experience has been great ... a good way to explore additional sustainable options.
— Ted, Client X Employee