Cool Data Apps to Measure Impact

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According to the MilkCrate Leadership Assessment, 83% of you believe that data and metrics are VITAL to your organization’s success.

Clear metrics define what’s important to you, prove your impact, and validate your grants and sponsorships.

We are compiling a list of YOUR favorite tools for data capture, metrics, & reporting, beginning with our own. Check them out below, and if you think we missed something, send us your top recommendations. We’ll circulate a summary of your responses soon.

MilkCrate's Favorite Metrics Tools


Classy is a modern online fundraising platform for nonprofits. They provide a “donor-first” user experience and tools to mobilize peer-to-peer giving. 

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Keela is a cloud-based CRM software for small nonprofits. Track individual or team tasks in sync with campaigns and projects. 

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Infogram is an infographic and chart-making tool. Connect your data to generate easily shareable dashboards and interactive maps. 

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Tableau helps you understand data in new ways. The technology connects to your existing database to convert tangled data into an interactive visual analysis.

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Your turn! Reply with your favorite tools and stay tuned to hear the collective's top picks.