Marlborough School

Marlborough and Balance Chestnut Hill Wellness Festival App



Marlborough School in Los Angeles, CA an independent, urban day school serving a diverse group of young women partnered up with Balance Chestnut Hill an integrated health and wellness studio in Philadelphia for Marlborough's Bi-Annual Wellness Festival.


Key Results

  • Student, Parent, and Faculty Engagement

  • Health and Wellness Education

The Challenge

Getting students, parents, and faculty engaged in health and wellness months before and after the festival. Additionally outlining what the festival would have in store and how to encourage participation.


We designed an app where students, their parents, and Marlborough faculty members could learn more, complete health and wellness challenges related to what they'd experience at the festival, and get pumped for it a couple months leading up to the festival.




Activities and challenges on the Marlborough Wellness Festival app were categorized as one of Marlborough's 5 pillars of wellness: Fitness, Rest & Recovery, Meditation, Nutrition, and Wellness.

Registrants then used the app to help them navigate through all of the exciting activities the festival had to offer the weekend of; there were so many to choose from...including goat yoga. I repeat - goat. yoga. 

Registrants were divided up into teams by grade (for students), parents, and faculty and competed against each other to win a prize for the team with the highest collective amount of points by the end of the festival, which was a wellness kit they could each take home to enjoy. Additionally, they have their app as a resource full of workout and meditation videos, recipe ideas, and more to continue guiding them on their wellness journey until the next festival! 

This is one of many ways MilkCrate apps have been used to help youth, advance healthy lifestyles, and serve in an education setting. Three of many important causes we have served with the apps we have built. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate youth, or adults for that matter to take action in important ways - let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.