Design your app based on your campaign or initiatives needs to provide a better program experience.

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Launch your app within weeks not months. Get started now or plan for next quarter.

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Gain the advantage of an app without building it.Our admin panel makes it easy to communicate and your app updates immediately

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The MilkCrate platform lets you choose from features that speak to your program. Get started for a fraction of a custom app.


Apps are the Best Way to Reach Your Audience


Internet Traffic Comes Mostly from Smartphones


Apps Dominate Mobile Usage


Push Notifications Beat Newsletters 7x Over


Did you know that 52% of global web traffic is coming from smart phones according to Statista, and 80-90% is on apps according to comScore. Reaching your audience through conventional social media produces only a hand-full of likes, shares, and or comments. Event newsletters have low open rates. Good thing push notifications have 7x the open rate of newsletters. Now is the time to build, engage, and track your audience through your organizations very own app!



Prepare for the Future

Start building your app and have it out to gain proper audience engagement before you are short on time. Get people engaged today to be prepared for tomorrow, like Committee of Seventy who had their app up and running within weeks.



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Focused on Mission Driven Organizations. Long Term Solution Provider. Happy Clients.

Our platform includes an admin panel to build the engagement and gain insight on your app fueling positive metrics and data backed achievements to stakeholders.

We help you achieve your goal, win that campaign or a successfully drive initiatives through building a direct link to participants, volunteers, members, or donors.



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