Your MilkCrate App:

Where Users Engage

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Your Brand, Your Style: Take control of your app with your brand’s colors, fonts and logo.

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Segment User: One MilkCrate app has multiple custom screens and content for each user group.


Event Calendar: See all upcoming events and registers right on your phone.


Chat: Perfect way for members to stay connected, in both group and one-on-one format.


Custom Content: Have all the information your need in a centralized digital location.

Push Notification: Instantly update members about news and announcements.


Your Dashboard:

Where you see engagement data


Manage Content: Send announcements, post updates, and change settings from one centralized site.


Live Data: See real-time updates of your data of with live charts and infographics.


Evaluation: Track your program’s success by reviewing mega data and poll/survey answers.


Case Study

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We have volunteers all across Philadelphia helping families grow their young readers. We have loved working with MilkCrate to develop an app to motivate and track volunteer participation.
— Sam Fisher, Data & Administrative Coordinator at The Free Library of Philadelphia

Directed by the Free Library of Philadelphia, Read by 4th is a citywide campaign that connects volunteers, families, and the community to a shared vision of ensuring that all children will be reading at grade level by the time they enter the 4th grade.

Watch to learn how MilkCrate helped the Philadelphia Free Library.


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