Channel Partner 

MilkCrate has built a platform that is capable of engaging a wide range of audiences through their mobile device.

We have established relationships with trusted partners that allow us to serve many times more mission-driven organizations. By partnering with MilkCrate, other enterprise software companies and consulting firms have unlocked a major solution for their clients while generating new streams of income for their business.  

We are always open to exploring new ways to connect - so whether your clients keep asking you for engagement solutions or you see a need inside an organization and believe MilkCrate could be the solution - we are happy to chat.

Types of Channel Partners

Referral Partners

A referral partnership is great for an organization that offers an existing solution and wants to be able to recommend additional valuable tools that could benefit their clients and increase total satisfaction. Serve your customers as a trusted expert in the MilkCrate app platform solutions and make recommendations when appropriate.

Integrators / Solution Providers

Integrators and Solution Providers serve a client’s bigger picture, people who understand the nuances of their clients and already work hand in hand as a part of their team. You like to work with clients by offering a whole lifecycle of services and software products to package for your customers. You directly assist with the implementation of new technology and strategies. This can either be a silent partnership or public - both are options.

Outside Representatives

You work with or know a lot of mission-driven organizations, are passionate about sales or want to work on your own time. We love representatives that like envisioning different solutions for mission-driven organizations. You would be involved in creating relationships and managing them with MilkCrate working in the background to provide the technology solution the client requires.

Co-hosted Events

Your organization wants to build meaningful ways to interact with people involved in the same ecosystem as MilkCrate, you enjoy the idea of fostering idea sharing, innovation, or conversations around technology and long-term solutions. You know a medium to large amount of mission-driven organizations, foundations, or potential corporate sponsors. We enjoy putting on networking and learning experiences for those in the same ecosystem.

Building a Successful Relationship

We’ve outlined the phases we’ve created to build lasting relationships with all of our channel partners. In the beginning, we take time to share our approaches and strengths and get to know each other. Then, we can start building a lasting, impactful relationship. In general the relationships we foster follow the trajectory below.

1. Exploration

Let’s set aside some time to have a discussion to see where we can work together and provide a positive impact for our mission-driven clients.

2. Partnership

This phase includes drafting a compensation agreement for both parties that properly reflects the value and costs for each organization. This will also include any white-labeling or brand agreements and promotional expectations.

3. Product & Sales Training

Once a partnership is agreed upon our team will train you on MilkCrate’s product features and make sure you are able to speak confidently about them. We are always here to answer questions!

4. Sandbox Play

We will give you the ability to play around with the product to assist with visualization of ways to use the platform. This only applies to Channel Partners choosing the Solution Provider route.

5. Launch & Beyond

We celebrate and share the news with our circles to jump-start the partnership.