Your MilkCrate App:

Where Users Engage

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Your Brand, Your Style: Take control of your app with your brand’s colors, fonts and logo.


Custom Content: Post candidate profiles, informational video, and upcoming election dates.

Segment User: Deliver targeted information to user within a specific district or party.

Chat: Perfect way for members to stay connected, in both group and one-on-one format.


Push Notification: Motivate your members to act with instant news and announcements alerts.

Gamification: Encourage users to engage by earning points with our app.


Your Dashboard:

Where you see engagement data


Manage Content: Send announcements, post updates, and change settings from one centralized site.


Live Data: See real-time updates of your data of with live charts and infographics.


Evaluation: Track your program’s success by reviewing mega data and poll/survey answers.


Case Study

This is a tool that... makes many services available in just one place.
— David Thornburgh, Executive Director at Committee of 70

The goal of the WeVote App is to educate and promote voting for upcoming elections in the city of Philadelphia.


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