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What’s it look like to be a client?

Hey there! We want you to know what it would look like if you were to partner with MilkCrate. Our job is to guide you every step of the way through four phases:

  • Vision

  • Development

  • Launch

  • Learning & Growing



First, we will sit down with you and your stakeholders to whiteboard opportunities and strengths of your current program or initiative strategies around audience growth, engagement, and tracking. This will allow your client support specialist to plan out the best app experience for your audience and an easy app administrative plan for your team to execute.

We will figure out what data points matter most to you and look for opportunities to generate revenue for your organization through the app.



While our development team gets to work on building your app, your support specialist will guide you through the process of creating your app’s custom content, preparing a successful launch strategy, and creating a process of implementation that integrates with your workflow.

Before we launch, your team will be able to review a beta version of the app, and then with one hefty push…



We did it! Your app is live! Launches look a little bit different for each client, but key deliverables for successful launches typically include:

  • Short & informative video we will design

  • Driving your Google Ads Campaign (a value of $10,000+/month in free promotion)

  • Other Digital Promotion (Website, Newsletter, Press Releases, Social Media)

  • Opportunities for live announcements


Learning & Growing

MilkCrate only makes long term investments in our clients; we are not in the market to put an app in your hands and walk away. We are building success for growth, engagement, tracking, and potential monetization - it is not an overnight fix, but with a powerful combination of our team and platform, we are confident we can help you reach your long term goals! Any new features or updates we roll out are made available for your use. We will be there every step of the way supporting you and making sure you have what you need.