Participation in the Community

App: El Concilio


About El Concilio

El Concilio, the council of Spanish speaking organizations of Philadelphia, is dedicated to improving the quality of life for their community and maintaining the legacy of latino culture. With the help of the Concilio app by MilkCrate, their mission to engage and provide services for their community is becoming more accessible to their community.

For the Community

The Concilio app allows community members to explore Concilio’s event calendar and stay up to date with the latest programs and services Concilio has to offer. Additionally, members can RSVP for events and sign up for volunteer opportunities which help orchestrate Concilio’s programs and services.

The activity feed

-shows what is trending on the app, and who is participating in them.

-Community members can also voice their own opinions through the polls on the app.

-The polls allow Concilio staff to get instant data about their community.

The activity feed where community members can voice their opinions

The activity feed where community members can voice their opinions


Earning points through gamification

Community members earn points on the app for attending or volunteering at these events, as well as for digitally engaging with the organization. Links to their social media pages are included so you can be connected and stay engaged in more ways than one. The more engaged a member is, the more points they earn and the closer they get to rewards, such as Concilio swag or free tickets to events.

The Concilio app is available in the app store for iOs and Android phones, along with other MilkCrate apps that help companies better reach the communities they serve. If you are involved in a program or an organization that would like to engage and support your community - let us know! We would be thrilled to arrange a free demo of how our app works and see how we can be of help.