Repair the World's Story


Repair the World is a Jewish service organization whose mission is to "[mobilize] tens of thousands of young Jews to volunteer in tackling pressing local needs each year." MilkCrate worked with Repair to build an app that tracks and motivates volunteering among its Philadelphia members. Repair the World program coordinators used the MilkCrate administrative tool to give their members challenges and options of different ways to meet their mission.


When volunteers check in at an event or a volunteering site, they get points for their activity. Repair the World's program coordinator is able to see from the administrative interface ( who volunteered and for how long, as well as who checked in to various events. 

This is one of many ways MilkCrate apps have been used to help youth, advance volunteering, and serve a nonprofit to be more efficient and effective. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate youth, or adults for that matter to take action in important ways - let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.