SBN's Story


The SBN app is the way that the Sustainable Business Network of Greater Philadelphia gets their members geared toward sustainability in every way possible! MilkCrate built an app for the members of the Sustainable Business Network so they can complete challenges that support each others businesses as well as complete activities that relate to the organizations overall mission - a sustainable and just economy in Philadelphia.

Their app provides a way for members to explore different ways of becoming more and more environmentally sustainable. It is designed to engage the members of the Sustainable Business Network in various ways like volunteering opportunities, supporting local businesses, signing up for eco-services and more.

The app helps members discover a variety of sustainable practices to incorporate into their lives.  It also affirms current positive practices. This helps to reinforce positive choices and gives members the ability to track the impact they have on the environment.  Members can discover and commit to an assortment of actions that change the way they think and live in their workplace or at home.

The actions that members complete are tracked in the app, and participants can earn points with every action that they complete.  Earning more points opens the opportunity for members to win prizes like discounted membership renewals, products and services from SBN member businesses, or even the opportunity to win VIP seats at SBN’s Entrepreneurs’ Roundtables.

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The SBN app is available for free, for all Sustainable Business Network memberships.  Each business who is a part of the Sustainable Business Network will also receive member accounts where their employees can engage with each other in a private community and enjoy some healthy competition. 

This client's app is one of many ways MilkCrate has helped to advance causes we care about like the environment and just economic relationships. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate members, or other user groups for that matter to take action in important ways - let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.