The Story of B Inspired

B Inspired is a membership Program offered by Balance Chestnut Hill Gym.  This is a program that’s offered to members and it provides them with an experience that goes above and beyond to make their fitness goals possible.  Balance Chestnut Hill Gym has teamed up with Milk Crate to help provide their clients with an awesome experience.

Members have access to the app which opens up opportunities to get more involved with their gym and their local communities.  The goal is to bring users closer and closer to achieving their personal fitness and health goals.

The app will have three custom features that enhance the user’s experience.  Gym Members will have the opportunity to use a nutrition tracker, they will be able to have recipe sharing, and also they will have the opportunity to communicate between users.  The nutrition tracker will allow for users to be really encouraged in maintaining their nutrient intake. The recipe sharing and in app communication features will connect the community further and encourage users to move along in progress towards their goals!

The app will prompt users to keep moving and progressing. In the app users can earn points for the wellness activities and the exercises that they complete.  This is also a way to get members motivated and help them keep pushing along towards their goals to achieve a healthier body and a healthier mind.