The Story of Glen's Garden Market


Glen's Garden became one of our first clients, and also a client that helped us expand the vision of our product and what it could do for companies or business, large or small.

We totally jived with Glen's Garden's mission of fighting climate change through good and smart food choices. They are a small, independent grocery store in Washington D.C. that elevates the grocery shopping experience by offering good food and products from nearby partners who treat their land, their animals and their ingredients with respect.

Another thing that makes Glen's standout is their active involvement with their community; not only do they offer fantastic products, but they also host amazing events on a weekly basis! For example: Pizza Rides (community bike rides followed by pizza and beer), Growler Club (6 weeks of weekly local, fresh, craft brews), and Crab Boils. Anyone else wishing they lived right next door?

So, when they said they wanted an app that could help them standout with their unique culture and mission, feature their products and awesome events, deepen the experience of their customers through environmentally-friendly actions and challenges and then reward them for their engagement, we were thrilled! 

This is one of many ways MilkCrate apps have been used to help build community, expand revenue options for mission driven companies, and advance healthy lifestyles. These are some of the important causes we have served with the apps we have built. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate customers, or other user groups for that matter to take action in important ways - let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.