The Story of SCH Academy


Springside Chestnut Hill Academy is spreading school spirit throughout their student body with the help of the SCH Show Spirit app by MilkCrate. The app was designed to spread awareness of and increase attendance at events and activities that are held over the course of the school year at Springside.


The Show Spirit app most prominently includes an events calendar, which allows students to keep track of what events are happening when, AND earn points for their attendance.

As students earn more points, they have the opportunity to earn prizes such as school store credit, OR the opportunity to behold the SCH school spirit trophy. Each student is also on a team according to their grade, and grades compete against one another as whole to win a class pizza party! The students are incentivized and motivated to get more involved in the vast variety of extracurricular activities and events that Springside Chestnut Hill Academy has to offer.


The app also provides poll questions for students to answer, allowing both student and faculty leaders to receive instant data and feedback that is valuable to them. The activity feed tracks and shares all the activities that students complete, and students can easily keep track of their points as well as the points of their peers from the leaderboards on their profile page.

This app is made available to all Springside Chestnut Hill students in app stores for both iOS and Android.  All they have to do search is “SCH Show Spirit” and begin enjoying their experience!

This is one of several ways MilkCrate apps have been used to help youth and serve in an educational setting. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate youth (or adults, for that matter) to take action in important ways, let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.