The Workshop School's Story

The Workshop School is an experimental public school located in Philadelphia. Their mission is to "teach students to change the world".

MilkCrate built an app for The Workshop School to conduct a health and wellness competition amongst students. Students competed to earn the most points on their app for doing actions like 'Eat a healthy breakfast' or 'Drink a bottle of water.'

Students ran the program themselves and were the administrators of their app. Principal Simon Hauger considers the program to be a success: "The kids did an amazing job on the project and learned a lot."

This is one of several ways MilkCrate apps have been used to help youth, advance healthy lifestyles, and serve in an educational setting. If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate youth (or adults, for that matter) to take action in important ways, let us know! We'd love to provide a free demo of how our apps work and see if we can be of help.