Wharton's Story


Since 1881, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania has been inspired to find business solutions wherever innovation and leadership are needed. In 2009, Pennsylvania University established their Green Fund initiative designed to improve the University's environmental performance and reduce campus emissions.

The students and faculty behind the Green Fund hoped for a better way to engage the student body. 

We collaborated with Wharton to create the Green Tracker App which acts as a helper on their way to environmental efficiency. Each user now can be instantly updated about upcoming events and volunteering opportunities in their area, as well as ways to make more sustainable choices in their everyday lives.

The app entices students with a little healthy competition and rewards for their actions. 

Their customized app also allows Wharton to have verified data to showcase for further funding and initiatives. 

If you have a program or organization that needs to motivate youth (or adults, for that matter) to take action in ways that make an impact in your organization, the community, and/or the environment - let us know!

They actively engaged with helping us raise awareness of the app launch on campus as well as in tailoring the app to meet our needs. We can tell they truly believe in their social mission and are receptive to our feedback in efforts to constantly improve their product.
— David Mazzocco, Associate Director, Sustainability and Projects at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania