The Story of ICIC

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About ICIC and ICCC:

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The Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) is a national nonprofit research and advisory organization whose mission is to drive economic prosperity in inner cities through private sector investments that help create jobs, income, and wealth for inner city residents. Their program, Inner City Capital Connections (ICCC), is a national program offered in 15 cities across the United States. It is an executive leadership training program that helps business owners, located in economically distressed areas, gain knowledge on how to sustainably grow in revenue, profitability, and employment.

One of ICCC’s primary ambition is to mentor and allow participants to access resources in order to be successful. So in April 2019, ICIC and MilkCrate worked together to launch the ICCC app to make it easier for participants and administrators to achieve their goals.

With the help of MilkCrate, participants are easily able to:

  • Learn more about upcoming seminars and webinars

  • Acquire One-on-One Coaching from mentors

  • Personalize the Calendar with important dates and receive push notifications 

  • Direct message any participant and post various resources on a live feed

Administrators are able to:

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  • Track specific activities, challenges, and actions that ICCC plans out for its participants in order for them to prosper.

National ICCC Conference:

The annual National Conference is the pinnacle moment of the ICCC program. This is where small business owners from across the country meet to network, continue their development, and sharpen their capital pitches.

Before the event:

  • Participants are able to use their ICCC MilkCrate app to thoroughly read about the upcoming events and speakers at the conference

During the event:

  • Participants are able to follow up on all the events, see who is speaking, the location of the speakers, and chat with fellow participants

After the event:

  • Participants are able to take a survey and watch past webinars

Upcoming Seminars and Webinars: 


Seminars and webinars are great tools that participants are able to take advantage of. Seminars are led by top business school professors while webinars are virtual learning sessions that enhance the learnings from the seminar. 


Through the app, participants are able to learn more about upcoming seminars, webinars, and speakers by reading up on “Speaker Information” and webinar summaries and register for webinars and seminars with just a couple of clicks. 

One-on-One Coaching:

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One-on-One Coaching is a key feature of the ICCC Program. This element is designed to steer participants’ businesses towards sustainable growth and address any specific challenges that need to be conquered. ICCC works closely with organizations throughout each city in order to provide participants with the best resources available.   

Now with the ICCC app, participants are easily able to use the One-on-One Coaching feature to their advantage by filling out a survey through the app and acquiring a mentor for guidance.

The ICCC app is available in the app store for iOs and Android phones, along with other MilkCrate apps that help companies better reach the communities they serve. If you are involved in a program or an organization that would like to engage and support your community - let us know! We would be thrilled to arrange a free demo of how our platform works and see how we can be of help building your organization’s app.

Milkcrate Team