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App: Reading Buddies

Find Reading Buddies in the app store and download

Find Reading Buddies in the app store and download

About United Way of the Piedmont

United Way of the Piedmont pledges to connect, engage and inspire people to transform our community. United Way’s Reading Buddy program is a volunteer based program to boost reading in children in the community. This program aims to develop students literacy and language skills, opening them to new ideas and building a path to encourage lifelong readers. Reading Buddies partners with schools and teachers to support students struggling to read at grade level. Reading Buddies provides one on one support for students who need extra attention or who may not have someone read to them at home. This program helps them discuss new vocabulary, sound out tricky words, and ask engaging questions about the story.

How the app helps Volunteers:

Volunteers Reflection where volunteers can discuss amongst others a students reading journey

Checking in and out of school, to let the students know a reading tutor is available and to track your hours

Activity and chatting feature where volunteers can converse with teammates or staff members 

Tips and Tricks for volunteers and parents to encourage reading and conversing, such as “Tips For Reading With Your Student“.


How the app’s admin dashboard helped the United Way staff

Send targeted push notifications

Create Polls in order to gain valuable information from the users

Track specific activities, challenges, and actions

How the MilkCrate platform tracks the volunteers impact:

Volunteers make an impact by teaching and watching the students reading skills grow. As the students become more confident in their reading skills the reward is great for both the student and the volunteer!

A volunteer and student reading together

A volunteer and student reading together


Reading Buddies home page: easy to navigate for users

Reading Buddies home page: easy to navigate for users


The United Way Reading Buddies app is available in the app store for iOs and Android phones, along with other MilkCrate apps that help companies better reach the communities they serve. If you are involved in a program or an organization that would like to engage and support your community - let us know! We would be thrilled to arrange a free demo of how our platform works and see how we can be of help building your organization’s app.

Milkcrate Team