YVC's Story


About YVC:


Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC) is a national nonprofit network that runs in 15 states and two Canadian provinces. YVC provides volunteer opportunities for youth, aged 11-18. Their mission is to address community needs as well as inspire youth for a lifetime of commitment and service. The Youth Volunteer Corps of Philadelphia is part of this national network and are looking for dedicated youth to make a difference in the city of Philadelphia.

The Context: 

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As a national nonprofit network located all throughout North America, it is challenging to keep tabs on all the youth volunteer activities and volunteers in general, so YVC looked towards MilkCrate to meet three digital needs: 

  1. Track and evaluate youth volunteer activity and engagement

  2. Measure the educational and learning aspects of volunteering

  3. Create communication and engagement with volunteers

The App:

Key Functionalities for the Participants

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  • List of Upcoming Volunteering Opportunities: Participants can view and sign up for the events

  • Service Reflection: Students can write about their experience and what was most meaningful to them. Responses are shared with the admins

  • Hall of fame: Students are able to look at what other students in the past have been able to complete. Can motivate younger students that are just starting out

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Key Functionalities for the Admins

  • Send targeted push notifications

  • Create Polls in order to gain valuable information from the users

  • Track specific activities, challenges, and actions

The Impact:


The YVC app is a tool to engage, measure, and connect the network of youth volunteers in Philadelphia. With access to the app, youth volunteers are now able to connect with each other and the program, and admins are able to track and engage their users in order to obtain the data they need.

The YVC app is available in the app store for iOs and Android phones, along with other MilkCrate apps that help companies better reach the communities they serve. If you are involved in a program or an organization that would like to engage and support your community - let us know! We would be thrilled to arrange a free demo of how our platform works and see how we can be of help building your organization’s app.

Milkcrate Team