The Triple Bottom Line Kind


A Gallup survey found nearly 70% of American workers are emotionally disconnected from their jobs. This pervasive corporate ennui is costing the U.S. between $450B and $550B per year in lost productivity. Another recent survey of the World Economic Forum's Global Shapers Community showed that 65% of job-hunting millennials rated the opportunity to make a difference in society as the most important factor in choosing a new job.

Our platform provides the means to incorporate responsible practices that can help your company cultivate a culture that attracts top young talent and boosts profits, no matter the size of your company. It features custom, guided challenges and actions that make positive change easy and fun! Empower your community to complete sustainable and socially-responsible actions, like visiting triple-bottom-line businesses and volunteering within the local community, which add up to a significant, collective impact. All actions can be customized to fit your company's and employees' needs!

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Employee engagement

Our platform provides a place for your employees to have a meaningful societal impact — helping to retain your staff and attract new talent. As an administrator, you’ll have access to meaningful reports and real-time numbers around individual behaviors.



Tax credits

Did you know that Philadelphia-based businesses who use MilkCrate to engage employees or customers in green activities may be eligible for a sustainable business tax credit from the city — potentially saving thousands of dollars?

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I started recycling because my company created this app
— Employee at a Fortune 100 company who used MilkCrate to build an app that gamified sustainability at work.

CSR planning

Are you considering rolling out a sustainability program at your company? Developing a comprehensive CSR strategy can help reduce operating costs and risk while generating a significant level of employee engagement. Read on to learn how to craft a holistic CSR strategy.



Corporate Client Case Study

One of our largest clients to date engaged employees in activities like sustainability, wellness and volunteering - read their case study here.

A great local company. [Millennials] really are interested in coming to work for companies with a purpose, with sustainability at its core.
— Dave Stangis Vice President, Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability, Campbell Soup Co.