Your very own app, for iOS and Android.

Give your users an app that's all their own. Every MilkCrate app is customized to reflect your brand's colors, style and images.

Your users get a seamless on-brand experience without the large upfront expense of a made-to-order app. 


First-time user onboarding screens

Your users will be greeted with customized screens telling them about the app you have created for them and why they should be excited to use it. Every client gets to pick how many screens they have and what goes on them - including sponsored content if you have corporate partners.


Customized Home Screen

The Home page of your app is the place all your users will visit first - so make the most of it! Here you can highlight upcoming events, sponsored content, and links to your app features (like maps and calendar). With our customizable call-to-action buttons you can have as many as you want. 




Promote friendly competition between your users with a game-based interface. Every user earns points for doing activities.  The leaderboard allows you to track who's most active.

Client Example: The Cultural Alliance’s STAMP app gives points based on which type of museum you check into, “Science”, “History,” “Art” etc.


Admin Dashboard

We also provide every client with a ready-made metrics display to share your progress with stakeholders. It is your own branded web page that updates in near-real time. 

Client Example: The University of Pennsylvania tracked how many students were opening their Green Tracker App each day.



Push Notifications

Send your members instant, customizable push notifications, or schedule them in advance.

Client Example: The Committee of 70 sent reminders to all user teams the day of the election urging them to vote!



Segment your users into different groups - this way you can share different content with each team.

You can divide people based any way you want like:

  • age

  • location

  • role

  • and many other things!

Pick which one makes sense for your users. And then they can earn points and compete! You can see how each group performs over time.

Client Example: Bodhi segments their users based on ‘Pre-Trip’ and ‘Post-Trip’ ensuring that the right audiences gets the right content. Another client, STAMP segments their teen users by high school.


Ask a Poll Question

Ask your users questions about anything - like; "What is your opinion of this bill?" They love to answer because they can see how they compare to others. It's behavioral economics at it's most effective. 

Client Example: Concilio asks their users questions like “Of the following events, which one are you more likely to attend…” giving them insight into their programming for the year.



Events Calendar

A calendar with event details makes it easy for users to sign up and add  events to their own calendar. Even better, we can autofill your calendar with relevant events through an API if you want. Just ask!  

Client Example: The Read by 4th app’s calendar helps volunteers see upcoming opportunities to get involved in their community.


Link To External Content

Want your users to engage with content outside the app like external fundraising websites, services, or other media? Easy! Just make a link. It's all tracked by clicks in your data displays. 

Client Example: Because the WeVote app includes activities for users to complete on existing websites, they link buttons in their app to those sites automatically. They even have a dial button for calling the city for polling issues.


Map Check-Ins

Create your own map for users to explore and check in at places that matter to your organization! GPS verifies when users earn points for going to a business, park, library, or other locations you choose. 

Client Example: STAMP’s map of museums students can visit is our favorite example of our map feature being used to its fullest potential with student’s checking in, writing comments and reviews - it’s a perfect fit!


Text & Articles

If you have a lot of written things like articles, recipes, instructions or ideas you want people to read then you can make that an activity too!

Client Example: The B Inspired by Balance app includes recipes, lifestyle tips and more - so this feature makes it super easy to share that content with their users.


MilkCrate_User Points.gif

Measure engagement 

Choose new content for your users, and when they see it. As users engage with new activities, you can watch the points they earn add up on your dashboard.

Build Your Mission Wheel

Your organization has an overarching mission - and usually it involves getting lots of people to do lots of activities that can be broken down into 3-6 main categories. That's why we make it easy to categorize all those activities and have them all add up over time - so you and your users can see the progress you are making.

Client Example: The SCH School Spirit App is segmented into the categories of “Athletics, Special Events, Clubs, Arts, and STEM” - allowing users to earn points for activities in all 6. Some clients have 3, 4, 5, or 6 categories - it is up to you!





The joy users feel when using your app and helping move the mission forward is often enough to keep people excited and coming back. But it can be a nice extra treat to turn those points into tangible rewards. This is a great chance to engage a corporate sponsor to provide gifts or incentives. Rewards are totally up to you and optional.

Client Example: Philly’s largest telecom corporation gave their employees copper coffee mugs from a local maker to reward them for their use of the app we built for them.

Share Videos

Have videos you want people to see? Post them in the app and they will. Pretty simple right?

Client Example: The B Inspired app’s workout videos are right at home in the easy to view player.



Demographic Information

When creating your account as a user, you can share demographic information such as gender, race, and ethnicity with the rest of your community.

Client Example: Eager to learn more about their students, The Cultural Alliance included fields like race and gender to ensure they were serving all students equitably.



As an administrator, you can set specific time frames for users to earn points - this allows new users the chance to ‘catch up’ with other users in terms of earning points if you are using  competition in your app.

Client Example: When Bodhi explained that their guests would be coming on a rolling basis it made sense to be able to track across time in sprints.




Users can leave comments and feedback on their experiences for many types of challenges. For place based ones they can even create a star review just like Yelp.

Client Example: When Concilio hosts an event, or runs a volunteer program, their members can comment about their experiences - helping them improve.



Activity Counter

Unlike the ‘action feature,’ admins can also choose to create ‘countable actions’ where users are asked to report how many of something they’ve done. For example, “How many hours did you volunteer?” or “How many new people did you bring to the event?” or “How many sculptures did you sketch today?”

Client Example: The WeVote app has volunteer opportunities and users use the counter to log how many hours they worked the polls or did other service work.




These customizable buttons allow you to focus users on specific things on the home page - you can have a bunch of little ones or a few big ones, as many as you want!


Export Your Data

Add charts to your website with our responsive embeds. You can also download them as PDF, PNG, JPEG and animated CSV!


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