Resources & Funding

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Here at MilkCrate we are trying to help your organization make the world a better place, we believe that building an digital space for your volunteers, participants, members, or whoever you are trying to reach should not only be possible for your organization but be within financial reach.

In order to help make that possible for organizations that do not have the budget to get started right away or are looking for ways to create long term financial stability keep reading! Below are ways to fund your app and still have more funds to put towards your mission advancing efforts because you invested in an app for your organization.







Investing in technology is crucial for the advancement of your organization. If you know exactly what program you will be using your app for, who the user of the app will be, and the different features you will need for success, we encourage you to apply for grants to jump start your app.

MilkCrate Grants

We offer reduced pricing for select grant applicants. With a mission to empower community leaders globally, we offer limited grant programs for selected nonprofits and grassroots communities to give a little extra support. Apply for the MilkCrate Grant.

Other Grant Opportunities

We strongly encourage organizations to look for grants that focus on engagement, communication, and or technology improvements. Download our grant prep packet for tailored language to quickly and knowledgeably apply for grants.

Another note, down the road the data you extract from your app will help to tell the story of how your organization is achieving its mission and reaching specific goals. This data and story will be crucial for future grant applications.





Sponsors love to support you and your mission, and we know you only go after sponsors who uplift your mission and share your values. Now you can go back to current sponsors with new digital real estate to be a sponsor on, your entire app! Or sponsors can be smaller and sponsor a certain event on the app, or bigger amount to run a series of campaigns, or anything in between. You can now go back to old sponsors with increased accuracy on the volume of audience you reach, level of engagement, and demographics. Or maybe you can find new sponsors who have been looking for this data and reach.

Backed By Verified Data

Every aspect of your app is trackable, it can have specific actions, events, and locations that users can read, watch, sign up for, or visit. Clients have the option of asking their users demographic questions when they create their app profile and clients can ask current users questions through in app polls. Our app clients can view user engagement and activity from the admin panel and get further insight from your app’s google analytics account.

Please note all data is the sole property of our clients, we do not share or benefit from the data stored on our system.

Location Based In App Sponsors

Each MilkCrate client app is compartmentalized into different screens, features, and actions within features. One of our features is locations, where users can find, pin to view later, and check-into with GPS verification. Each location can be sponsored by a different sponsor or all locations (aka the whole feature) can be sponsored by one sponsor. You can have many sponsors on your app or a just few gracious sponsors, or just one who powers your whole app. The choice is up to you.



In App Transactions


For all in app transactions we have partnered with a leader in the payments industry, First American Payment Systems, to bring you best-in-class payment solutions backed by award-winning customer service. Their transaction system is fully integrated into the MilkCrate platform. Please note that MilkCrate has worked hard to get low rates for our clients and do not share in the profits from in app transactions. To learn more please inquire during your introductory call or tailored demonstration.


This in app solution is great for organizations looking to have their app’s user base to consist mainly of members or donors. We know that nonprofit organizations typically receive a large amount of revenue through reoccurring or spur of the moment donations.


This in app solution is great for organizations looking to have their app’s user base be donors or members. One of our features is an events calendar that allows users to sign up for upcoming events, add it to their personal calendar, and check in. You are able to charge for specific events, as desired.

Other Contributions

This in app solution is great for organizations looking to have their app’s user base be participants, members, volunteers, or donors. There are other ways to increase contributions like promotional items or products. We offer clients the opportunity to sell a few items on their app but do not allow apps solely focused on merchandise. We encourage clients to strongly link their items back to their story and mission and state that profits from sales go directly towards mission advancement. Branding is important, so we wanted to make sure you get your swag out to the people who want to share your mission with the world.