Connect with your organization’s audience. Anywhere.

MilkCrate’s platform powers apps for the world's leading nonprofits and municipal programs and initiatives.

With your own mobile app you can invite your organization’s audience to engage with program content and activities while tracking their impact.

  • We build and maintain the tech for you

  • We provide expert guidance

  • You get proven trackable results

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Built for nonprofit budgets

We’ve built a revolutionary tool for creating great app’s instead of having to build from scratch. Now you can attain your goals within your budget.


Delivered so fast, it will make your head spin.

With MilkCrate, your flexible and customized app will be available on the app stores for iOS and Android in weeks — at least 10X faster than building one from the beginning.


Groundbreaking impact data revealed

Capture your users real-time mission driven actions. Utilize this priceless data to set new goals. Client data success stories include:

  • Which teens visited more museums last month

  • How many hours volunteers logged

  • Which events members want to attend



Your app will connect you to…

  • Clients

  • Students

  • Members

  • Supporters

  • Volunteers

  • Donors

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.31.48 AM.png
Concilio has created their first ever app with the help of our friends at MilkCrate. They have helped us create a personal relationship with our community.
— Melanie Nieves, Program Manager, El Concilio
Concilio uses their MilkCrate app to engage the Philadelphia region’s hispanic community in events, programming and service.

Concilio uses their MilkCrate app to engage the Philadelphia region’s hispanic community in events, programming and service.



See what your app can look like with the MilkCrate Simulator!


Build a mockup to get a sense of what your app might do and look like.

Once you become a MilkCrate client our expert staff will tailor your needs to the final version, which you will then be able to manage with your own powerful dashboard.



Ok, so clearly we are the best way to build an app. But why build an app?

The benefits of an app are not endless, but it is close. From being able to live chat with users, to having them check-in to locations that are verified through the GPS on their phone - so much more becomes possible when you offer your program participants or members an app to engage with your organization’s programs and content. With one click they can open up a portal to their team, see targeted content just for them, answer poll questions and earn points - a rich and dynamic experience that will keep them engaged for the long term.



Now is the time to grow your audience with mobile!


Do you want to be where your program participants are? Your MilkCrate app allows your users to engage at all times.

Emails, websites, phone calls - are not as effective. A push notification gets 7x the open rate.

We already have seen way more engagement with our own app than we did with facebook.
— Natalie, Instructor at Lion Dog Wellness Center

With expertly designed engagement features…


Turn your programs, content, activities, surveys, events and more into an engaging experience.

After years of building apps, we have learned what users find most engaging, allowing us to create the the features you need.

MilkCrate Home Page (2).png
MilkCrate did a great job tailoring the app to meet our needs.
— David Mazzocco, Associate Director, University of Pennsylvania
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That communicate directly with users!


Your app is powered by a tailored and easy to use dashboard. There you can create new content in your app, add new events, launch new surveys, and more.

It is also where you fire off push notifications to motivate immediate action or share information. You can talk to all users, segmented groups, or even a single person.

Being able to send timely notifications to our program participants, and have them chat with each other - these are essential tools for our success.
— Liz Brode, Executive Director at B Inspired


And you can finally track users’ data & export for comprehensive reports.


With MilkCrate you get your own data display of how users are engaging with your program app in both real-time and tailored charts.

See how well your program is doing, adapt based on what works best and move successfully towards your goals.

Screen Shot 2018-12-28 at 10.29.16 AM.png
Seeing our teens checking in at museums showed their engagement as real data for the first time. Priceless
— Michael Norris, Program Director at STAMP


So that you can show real impact to stakeholders.


Your goals are clear to all users and everyone is working towards them together.

With the power of the community to reach the same goals, your program succeeds in making a real impact.

Meaningful data can then be used to align stakeholders, increase fundraising, and increase chances for grant funding.

MilkCrate Home Page (8).png
This is a tool that builds and reinforces the culture of voting and civic engagement in Philadelphia. It makes many services available to voters in just one place.
— David Thornberg, Executive Director, Committee of 70
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Wondering how to bring in (more) revenue for your organization?

We developed a new program only possible with a MilkCrate app where you can earn sponsorship revenue from your app.

-In Beta Mode - Limited Spots Available

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So, who is a good fit for a MilkCrate app?

Here’s who we are best suited to help. If your organization…

  • runs a program that needs to engage participants

  • wants to spend your program budget more wisely

  • would like to deepen engagement with participants

  • needs easy access to data around it’s programs


Yes, this is definitely us!


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This is what we need ... we need an app, like yesterday!

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Get insight into your existing efforts. (Best taken by engagement manager)

See what your app could look like using our MilkCrate Simulator without talking to anyone.