Reveal Your Impact With Real Metrics

Your administrative dashboard will show you everything you need to know in real time about what your users are doing in your app and the impact it has towards your goals.


Set Mission Related Goals


Measure success by what really counts - real reported behavior change and trackable activity towards a meaningful goal - NOT clickbait and views.

Read about how our client Balance set meaningful goals for their members.

 Get instant mission metrics


Keep your stakeholders up to date on your organization’s progress with instant member data from their engagement with app challenges. Include data generated by users checking in at real locations and other verified behavior.

Read about how our client University of Pennsylvania tracked their student’s sustainability metrics.

Increase program efficiency

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Organizational administrators are saving precious by asking questions of their constituents. This works if you are using your app in a number of ways:

  • Dues paying members can tell you their interests i.e. "Which of the following member only activities would you sign up for this fall?"

  • Program participants can share how they feel i.e. "Since starting our human services program how much has your ability to do x changed?"

  • Donors or supporters can share demographic info to help you with targeted fundraising i.e. "Which of the following fundraising events are you more likely to give a donation?"

Learn how our client STAMP saved 33% of student passes from being lost with their app here.


See Which Users Hit Goals


Whether you are using your app to engage students, dues paying members, donors, or program participants, your app users will be motivated to complete the activities you create for them. And you will be able to see instantly who is the most engaged and in what ways!

See Real Time Engagement


See which users have done what activities in a period of time - this can be anything from how many opened an article, self reported doing an action, or clicked a link to a donation page.


When You Hit Goals


Our data display tools allow you to measure when your users are hitting goals and then use those data points and graphs for your reporting. We see clients consistently hitting goals they set by relying on the app we build for them - it's our mission to help you reach your mission.

These insights save resources by streamlining engagement, communication, and reporting through one app. One of best part of launching your own app and seeing the engagement metrics come in is when you can turn all the data points into compelling stories about the good your organization is doing in the world. 


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