The MilkCrate Platform


User-Interface: The App

Craft a stunning, branded IOS/Android app with only the features you want.


Gamifaction: Earn points for completing tasks and climb the leader-board.

Geo-Location: Find volunteer opportunities, event locations, and check in with geo-verification for events and places.

Push Notification: Instantly send news and reminders right to your users’ phone.

User-Segmentation: Personalize the content your user sees with teams.

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Back end-Interface: The Customer Dashboard

Control and monitor your app from our online dashboard.

Manage Content: Send updates, add new content, and change settings from one centralized site.

Live Data: See real-time updates of your data of with live charts and infographics.

Evaluation: Track your program’s success by reviewing mega data.



Launch your program engagement app for a fraction of a custom development.


Capture your participants real-time mission driven activity. Utilize this data to impress funders and set new goals. Client data success stories include:

  • How many teens visited museums last month

  • Most popular volunteer days this quarter

  • What events members want to attend most


With MilkCrate, your app can be available in the app stores for iOS and Android in weeks — at least 10X faster than if you tried to build an app from scratch.


Which program participants are you seeking to engage and track?

  • Program participants

  • Community volunteers

  • Organization members


Bring in (more) revenue for your organization?

This program is in Beta Mode - Limited Testing.

Which nonprofit programs are a good fit for an app? If your organization:

  • runs a program that needs to engage participants, members, students etc.

  • wants to spend budget wisely for your program

  • wants to grow the size of your program audience

  • needs easy access to impact data to show to funders

  • wants to earn new revenue streams through sponsorship


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