Recommendations for Services & Tools


Our clients are often exploring ways to improve their digital toolbox besides an engagement app - this can include building or refreshing their website. Here are some providers we work with or our clients have worked with to help you on your journey of selecting the right one for you:

  • Pun’k Ave - Clients range from small businesses to large companies to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the social good.

  • Message Agency - A certified B Corporation that works exclusively with nonprofits, foundations, universities, governments, and mission-driven organizations. 

  • YIKES Inc.- They build smart, effective, creative web solutions for businesses and nonprofit organizations.

  • HopeWorks Camden- They can help your business or non-profit establish and maintain your website, perform data analytics, and customize Salesforce to your professional needs

  • 48in48- They host an event in cities for weekend long design sprints to launch free websites for nonprofits with a $60 monthly fee. 48 websites in 48 hours!

  • Pixel Parlor - There’s no project too big or too small for them. They turn complicated business problems into visually compelling stories.

Graphic Design

We are always looking for high quality and affordable solutions to help our clients create beautiful designs for their apps and other projects.

  • Penji - unlimited graphic design, one flat rate. An affordable monthly solution for on demand graphic design that offers free support for some nonprofits.

  • Vyond - Move your audience to action. Increase engagement, retention, motivation, and conversion using rich media made simply with Vyond.

  • saygrid - Andee Mazzocco’s graphic design practice for urban planning, policy, philanthropy and advocacy to communicate the issues and ideas they care about the most.

Others Tools

For fundraising and other important functions of your organization we recommend taking a look at:

  • Classy - The #1 Online and Mobile Fundraising Platform. Trusted by 4,000+ of the world's top nonprofits and social enterprises.

  • Keela - An all-in-one suite of nonprofit management tools that are simple to use, without compromising on power or function. 

  • Exude - An HR services firm to help you achieve greater organizational health. Engage your people. Save money. Lower your risk

  • TwentyHats - Training and Consulting for High-Impact Volunteer Programs.

  • Fairmount Ventures - Fairmount Ventures positions nonprofits to grow and thrive.