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Based on your answers you will receive an email with tips and tricks around your ‘archetype’ and resources to help you grow as a leader.


Why did MilkCrate build the assessment?

  1. To help you

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Leadership types play a large role in relationships, especially inside an organization. Identifying the psychology behind the way we behave and how we act brings self reflection while improving organizational performance. We have sent you resources specific to your leadership archetype which will help you with your strengths and weaknesses to recognize and appreciate your strengths as a leader.

2. To help us… help you

MilkCrate helping you reach goals.

MilkCrate helping you reach goals.


We wanted to grab your attention.

Why? Well of course to start a relationship between you and us… but also to show you how easy it can be to find your target audience and start a relationship with them. Here at MilkCrate we build apps to help keep your audience engaged but thought it would be fun to show leaders how to grow an audience too.

Want to learn how to build your own pipeline to grow your audience? And hear about stories of organizations that use a MilkCrate powered app to engage their audience? Then sign up for one of our free workshops or webinars!


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