Your MilkCrate App:

Where Users Engage

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Your Brand, Your Style: Take control of your app with your brand’s colors, fonts and logo.


Gamification: Add a whole new level to volunteering by earning points for completing task and events.


Event Calendar: See all upcoming events and registers right on your phone.


Geo-Location: Find volunteer opportunities nearest you and check-in with geo-tagging.


Messaging: Perfect way for project leaders to moderate to volunteers.

Team: Encourage users to engage by dividing them into team to see who can climb the leader board.


Your Dashboard:

Where you see engagement data


Manage Content: Send announcements, post updates, and change settings from one centralized site.


Live Data: See real-time updates of your data of with live charts and infographics.


Evaluation: Track your program’s success by reviewing mega data and poll/survey answers.


Case Study

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We love our reading buddies. I have had such positive feedback from classroom teachers, and our adult buddies are truly dedicated. They are here every week, on time and without fail. The communication has been outstanding. Our students love their buddies and cherish that one-on-one time. Thank you for supporting us and our students!
— Lisa Baumer, Reading Interventionist, Belfair Elementary

The goal of the Reading Buddies App is to share the progress of a students reading journey and for Volunteers to earn points and log their hours in an engaging way.

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