Create Financial Sustainability  


Earn Corporate Sponsorships 

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Get a Title Sponsor of your app - naming your app and the logo can be licensed to a company to co-brand with your organization. Much like how you sell sponsorship for a gala or 5k this is new real estate with trackable engagement and audience demographics - so it's even more valuable! 

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You can even have a matching program for every point earned in the app, a corporate sponsor will donate $1.00 or some other ratio. This can be a great way to motivate users using gamifications AND show impact to your corporate partner.

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Sponsored Activities - Sponsoring companies can choose to promote any existing event, location, video - basically any piece of content that lives in your app. These are guaranteed to get lots of traffic since they are on the home page of the app. You can choose to boost engagement with a push notification that includes the sponsors name to all or some users.

Earn New Supporter Income

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An in app reminder to donate will boost participation especially when it is along side other engaging content. What could be better than sending a request for support right to your supporters phones!

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Direct users to your existing e-commerce site and increase revenue from sales by timely push notifications. 

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New member benefit- Having your own app can allow you to increase membership dues by providing a new valuable service. This is not a corporate sponsorship but rather a new separate type of value add that an organization can often generate revenue directly from your existing supporter base.


Earn New Grant Dollars


When you can show with real verified metrics that you are tracking your organization's impact it becomes so much easier to unlock new grant sources. By having an app that your members, donors, or participants are using to track their engagement you will have the data you need to prove your impact. 



    Report to funders on data points like:

    • number of participants engaged
    • instances of self reported activity
    • % growth self reported activity
    • check-ins at program related locations
    • sign-ups for program related events
    • sign-ups for program related services
    • media (video, image, text) seen
    • MORE!

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