School Based Sustainability Initiatives


It all started when…

Wish your student body was more involved with your sustainability initiative? Well, now you can. Our fully-customizable platform turns your school’s sustainability programs into a fun, trackable game for hundreds, or even thousands, of students to compete, learn, and grow together. 94% of students using whose university uses a MilkCrate built sustainability app had increased understanding of sustainability initiatives on campus. Of those same students 93% were more encouraged to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Through a MilkCrate built app activities that can be turned into challenges include visiting specific locations, engaging with the various sustainability focused clubs, attending events like volunteering, and reading articles, and taking action. Our easy-to-use admin dashboard gives clients the ability to customize their users’ impact challenges and reward their community around their values and impact goals. With our app, it’s easy and fun to gamify doing good while tracking their impact.


Engage students

Have students become more involved with your sustainability initiatives, allow them to communicate about the topic within the app and get involved on and off campus. Build healthy competition around sustainability.


Report impact

Through your students' engagement, you will have real data about your program or school's impact. Share an authentic message around your values and craft a culture of impact to attract new students and their families using verified and quantified analytics provided by the platform.


Attract applicants

According to “The Princeton Review 2016 College Hopes & Worries Survey Report”, 61% of parents and college-bound students say that information about colleges’ commitments to environmental issues contributes in some way to their decision to apply to or attend a university.


MilkCrate helps make students’ choices [about their environmental impact] more deliberate and meaningful.
— Tim Butler Associate Dean Of Student Affairs, Jefferson University