MilkCrate built an app for Cultural Alliance’s STAMP Program


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The Cultural Alliance Story

 Admins can ask Poll Questions directly to users on the STAMP app and receive instant feedback and data that is valuable to the program

Admins can ask Poll Questions directly to users on the STAMP app and receive instant feedback and data that is valuable to the program

The Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and MilkCrate launched the STAMP by MilkCrate app. This app allows teens in Philadelphia to access 21 local museums for free. The STAMP by MilkCrate app makes acquiring new art and cultural learning experiences for teens possible by giving them easy access to a list and map of participating museums in the Philadelphia area.

STAMP participants had relied on a paper card mailed to their house by the staff - but over 30% reported losing their card. Now the staff can save valuable time skipping that tedious task because the students can always access the app. The museum staff have also been saved a headache, since now they don’t have to track each student in their own system, the app tracks visitors for them.

“Working with MilkCrate has been rewarding from the beginning—they immediately understood the value of the Cultural Alliance’s STAMP program, and worked quickly to find innovative ways to appeal to STAMP’s teen audience.”

- Michael Norris, Program Director at GPCA + STAMP

The STAMP program was designed to engage more Philadelphian teenagers, from ages 14 to 19, in the different cultural and educational experiences that the city has to offer, as well as opening up more opportunities to learn outside of the classroom.  With the help of MilkCrate, the STAMP Pass is now digital which makes it easier for students to access these learning opportunities. The STAMP app serves as a free pass for teenagers to visit the various educational attractions of Philadelphia like the Penn Museum, the Mutter Museum, and the Franklin Institute.  Students that participate can now earn points for checking in via the app which allows individual students, student groups, or even schools the opportunity to win prizes for their participation.

The new app gives teenagers a centralized place to find arts and cultural events to get involved in. STAMP by MilkCrate puts the opportunity for students to get involved and learn right at their fingertips in a fun and simple way.  The STAMP app increases the amount of students reached by making the app easily accessible to those with a smartphone. The digitization of the experience gives way for the expansion of the STAMP program as a whole, not only by the amount of teens being reached, but also by means of increasing the spectrum of engagement opportunities with participating museums.