App Store Branding

Building Your Icon

Your app icon is symbolic of what your organization is trying to accomplish. A crisp and clear identity is important so your users can easily find your app when they are scrolling through their phone. We encourage using a version of your organization or program logo - something that your audience already recognizes. But remember it will be the size of a tiny app button! So it must be simple, think about what the Facebook app icon looks like or the Maps app icon.

Try using either your organization or program's logo that you uploaded to the site earlier. Maybe use only a symbol without text since the name of your app will be below the icon. If you do not have a symbol on hand you could ask others at your organization if they have an idea, hire a designer for branding, or just use the logo you have.


App Store Identity

When someone searches for your app in the iOS and Android store they receive a list of results. Each result has associated visuals to entice you to download. As you can see if you search for Snapchat another app called Tik Tok tries to entice people to download instead. We want to ensure every potential user who searches for you in the app store can quickly determine which app they are supposed to download.