Why Nonprofits Use Mobile Apps

These are the five outcomes our clients are looking for and that deliver!


“Programs that serve large diverse audiences need an engaging way to engage, communicate, and track participation.”

- Every nonprofit leader we ever met.


Features: Admin Dashboard | Mobile App Interface

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Programs That Increased Impact With An App

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Clients That Achieved Their Goals


See a mockup of your app.

Use MilkCrate Studio!


Build a mockup. Get a sense of what your app might do and how it could look.

Once you become a MilkCrate client our expert staff will tailor your final app to your needs. Then you will be able to manage it with your dashboard.


Templates for revolutionary nonprofit apps. ON BUDGET...

Instead of a time-consuming process creating an app from scratch, now you can attain your goals within your budget in weeks or months. MilkCrate’s experts and streamlined platform will create an app tailored for you.


Groundbreaking impact data. REVEALED...

Capture your users real-time mission driven actions. Utilize this priceless data to set new goals. Client data success stories include:

  • How many teens visited museums last month

  • Most popular volunteer days this quarter

  • What events members want to attend most



Native apps delivered. FAST...

With MilkCrate, your flexible and customized app will be available in the app stores for iOS and Android in weeks — at least 10X faster than if you tried to build an app from scratch.


Who will your app connect you to?

Each client has a different audience they are seeking to connect, motivate and track:

  • Participants in a foster parent program.

  • Employees at participating companies to be civically engaged.

  • Volunteers promoting literacy in their neighborhood.



Wondering how to bring in (more) revenue for your organization?

We developed a new program only possible with a MilkCrate app where you can earn sponsorship revenue from your app.

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Wondering if your organization is a good fit for a MilkCrate app?


Here’s who we are best suited to help.

Does your organization…

  • run a program that needs to engage participants, members, students etc.?

  • want to spend budget wisely for your program ?

  • want to grow the size of your program audience?

  • need easy access to impact data to show to funders?

  • want to earn new revenue streams through sponsorship?


Visualize your app

See what your app could look like using our MilkCrate Simulator without talking to anyone. Start designing now.

Yes, this is definitely us!

This is what we need ... we need an app, like yesterday!

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Still unsure?

Get insight into your existing efforts and take our engagement assessment. Best if taken by someone on your team who manages your existing tools.