Meaningfully engage your audience for pennies on the dollar.


Before MilkCrate...

Recognizing the low efficiency and high cost of tools organizations are currently relying on - like mail and newsletters - for engagement many mission driven leaders have wondered "What if we had an app?" but were scared off when they researched custom development costs. Those fees can range from $250K-$1M - way out of most organizations budgets. And with the added headache of ongoing maintenance and staffing.



With MilkCrate....

You can launch an app for 1/10 the cost. With our system of building customizable apps we have solved all of these problems for you by using more affordable templates and tailoring them to your needs while offering ongoing support for your app in the Apple App Store and Google Play Stores.

Over the years MilkCrate has worked with a wide range of clients to provide leading native app technology at an affordable and accessible price. Our clients have increased engagement, created sponsorship revenue opportunities and solved crucial pain points with their own white labeled, MilkCrate powered app.



How pricing works:

We offer a range of contracts, typically our clients choose 3 years based on the significant savings over a 2 year contract. We also offer longer options for additional savings on the setup and monthly support fees. We are here to build a lasting relationship to serve you in the long term, so please share with us your budget constraints and we will do what we can to work with you.

Want to know what the cost for building your app will be? We are happy to provide a free consultation call. 



Education & Nonprofit Grants

With a mission to empower community leaders globally, we offer limited grant programs for selected nonprofits and grassroots communities to give a little extra support.