We Are MilkCrate

A mission–driven tech company that empowers our clients to track and grow their mission. We are the designers, engineers, behavioral economics nerds, and client success wizards that make affordable and impactful technology possible for our clients.

Why? Because we believe in the work our clients do and that we can help them achieve their missions.


Meet the Team


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Our Values

Above all else, we are a group of passionate, agile and often crazed humans. Each move is in pursuit of helping our clients make the world a better place through serving their missions. Beyond our mission, we’ve established a set of values here at MilkCrate — and we do our best to live by this creed.


Adventure is out there, and we chase it.

This thing takes guts. Have courage.


Blinders off.

We are limber, resilient, and resourceful. To serve our mission we learn quickly and act responsively.


It takes a village.

Free to roam the wild, we lend our skills and time when needed. If it’s not your strength then it’s someone else’s. Find them.


Do or do not; there is no try.

We hold ourselves fiercely accountable to our culture and our mission.


Mirror mirror on the wall…

We seek the truth, we tell the truth. We are reflective and constructively critical with each other and the outside world.


The MilkCrate Company Timeline