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+ What is MilkCrate?

MilkCrate is a tech company that builds apps for mission-driven organization with our app platform.

+ What is an "App Platform"?

An app platform has ready made components, widgets and features ready that clients can pick and choose to build their own app.

+ Does MilkCrate do custom developement?

No, MilkCrate is an App platform. We design affordable apps with your brand color, logo and the selection of features you want.

+ Why an App Platform vs. a Custom App?

Custom apps are more costly and time consuming since they most be made from scratch.

With an app platform it is also easier to change or add features yourself, while with a custom app you most go back to the developer for changes.

+ What kind of apps do you build?

Check our our "App Showcase" and "Features" page to see examples of our client profile and the features we offer.

+ I am not in the Philadelphia Area, can we work together remotely?

Yes! With our online platform we can create apps for clients located anywhere in the USA and worldwide.

+Is a MilkCrate App right for me?

Visit our "Criteria" to see is we are the app platform that best meets your needs.

+How do I create an app with MilkCrate?

Get in touch with us for a free consultation.

+ How much is an MilkCrate App?

Please visit our pricing page.

+ How long does it take to create an app?

Custom apps created with our MilkCrate Platform can be launched within 2-3 months.


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