MilkCrate’s Client Criteria

Is MilkCrate the best app platform for your non-profit or organization? Read below to see if we are the prefect match!

1. Do you have an existing program?

Does your organization already have a program that is meant to improve the lives of participants or help them to improve other people’s lives? That’s the first and most important criteria for being a good MilkCrate client fit!

2. Do you have many participants?

The next thing to consider is; are you struggling to engage all those people? Usually this occurs when you have 50 or more individuals but the number changes for each organization

3. Do you have lots of content & activities?

Does the program expect or require your participants or users to engage in regular activities? These activities can include things like: watching videos, listing to a podcast, answers poll questions, searching a directory, signing up for an experience, chatting with others, attending an event, going to locations, commenting on a post, reading content etc.

4. Is your leadership data driven?

Your funders and other stakeholders look to you to ensure that the mission of the organization is being reached via your program data - both qualitative and quantitative. And you agree that they are key to demonstrating impact. You see MilkCrate as a way to unlock that data and manage your programs well.

5. Sponsors?*

Because of your organization’s valuable role in the community you already have or seek to establish relationships with corporations to sponsor your work. You see an app as an ideal way to expand that list of sponsorship offerings.

*This is a very optional criteria item that is only appropriate for some of our clients.

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