MilkCrate’s Client Criteria

From our years of working with nonprofits, mission driven organizations, and foundations - we know what works and what does not. Not every organization, program, and audience is right for an app - so it is important that we go through our discovery process on a call to assess if your needs match what a mobile app can deliver. Here is a snapshot of some of the questions we ask to help you make that decision about how to best

  1. Does your organization run a program for a large audience?

If your organization is already running a program - either for volunteers, members, students, or program participants- great! That is the first and most important step.

Examples of MilkCrate app customers with a program include:

- Volunteer reading coaches for children

- Teenagers getting free access to cultural institutions & museums

- A city-wide employee engagement initiative for civic participation & voting

2. Do you have lots of participants you need to reach regularly?

Ok, so you are running a program - great! But perhaps you are struggling to engage all those people - with the reminders to sign up for events, or report back about their experience in the program, or to track their volunteer hours. Usually this kind of communication and tracking becomes really hard without the right tools when you have 50+ individuals. The number changes for each organization, we’ve worked with organizations running programs for a few dozen people all the way up to a program for thousands!

Examples of communication that can be simplified with an app:

- Sending a push notification as a reminder

- Poll questions and surveys about preferences, experiences or achievements

- App users can comment on an activity, resource, event or another users post

- An activity wall where all users can exchange communication and content

- Chatting with staff or other program participants

Screen Shot 2019-10-08 at 10.03.19 AM.png

4. Is your leadership data driven?

Your funders and other stakeholders look to you to ensure that the mission of the organization is being reached via your program data - both qualitative and quantitative. And you agree that they are key to demonstrating impact. You see MilkCrate as a way to unlock that data and manage your programs well.

Examples of outputs and outcomes that can be tracked:

- How many teenagers from which schools checked into museums this month

- What percent of employees reported voting in the election

- How many hours volunteers spent in which zip code

3. Do you have specific activities to engage volunteers, members or participants in?

These activities can include things like: watching videos, listening to a podcast, using a directory to find resources, signing up for an event, going to locations, reading content etc. But just as important is making sure the right users see the right activities - which is why being able to segment users is such a valuable part of what our apps offer.

Examples of activities that can be tracked with an app:

- A calendar of events for signing up and checking in at those events

- A directory of resources or information to be accessed any time and place

- Weekly challenges to complete and share


Still have questions? Or ready to design your own program app?